When can we still lay sod?


We come up with the question “When can we still lay sod?” regularly against. When is the best time to lay sod? And during which weather conditions is it possible to lay sod? Read it in this article!

What are the best conditions for laying sod?
If you want to lay sod, it is important to pay attention to three factors, namely: humidity, substrate and temperature. If these factors are all favorable, you can safely build your new lawn by laying sod.

Grass needs water to grow. Fortunately, we can easily regulate the humidity of the soil ourselves. For example through an irrigation system or with a garden hose. If you have laid sod, it is important to give enough water. A recently laid lawn certainly needs extra water during hot summer days.

A temperature above 10 degrees during the day is ideal for laying sod. The grass grows at these temperatures. This temperature is often reached in the spring and is maintained well into the autumn. So you can lay sod from March to November.

The substrate is of great importance when laying sod. The ideal moment is when the surface is editable. So avoid a soggy, frozen or very wet surface.

Can sod be laid in the summer?
During the summer months in the Netherlands it can be very hot, the advantage of these warm days is that the surface can be treated well. It is therefore very easy to make it even. However, the subsoil is often too dry for laying sod. That is why it is important to spray the grass regularly, so that the surface is and remains well wet.