A brief history....

Marion were formed around 1993 by school friends Jaime Harding and Phil Cunningham who had played together in numerous bands around the pubs and clubs of Manchester for years. Joined by left-handed guitarist Tony 'Beard' Grantham, bass player Damian Lawrence and Murad Mousa on drums, they set about developing their sound, finding inspiration from other Mancuian bands such as The Buzzcocks, Joy Division and The Smiths. A demo tape was passed on to former Smiths manager Joe Moss, who loved it to the extent that he agreed to manage the band. Extensive gigging with new bass player Julian Phillips lead to the band developing a deserved reputation as an excellent live band, and a debut single 'Violent Men' was released on Rough Trade records.

The band then signed on to London Records, and released a succession of excellent singles including 'Sleep' which gained the band further popularity due to a perfromance on Channel 4's The Word as well as it's use on a television commerical for a Citreon car. Around this time, Julian Phillips left the band to be replaced by Nick Gilbert on bass, and the band started recording their debut album, This World and Body with producer Al Clay, who came in after sessions with orginal producer Stephen Street didn't work out.

The album came out in March 1996 to an enthusiastic reception, reaching the Top 10 in the album chart. More touring followed before the band retreated to work on new songs towards the second half of 1996.

For the recording of their second album, The Program, Johnny Marr was drafted in for production duties, as well as some co-writing. The recording process was fraught due to record company intrusion and rock and roll excesses taking their toll on the various members of the band. Once recorded the band set out to play the new songs live in December 1997, and onwards through the beginning of 1998. However, London Records failed to promote the band to any extent, and by the time The Program crept, almost accidently, onto the shelves of record stores in the UK in September 1998, the band profile was almost non-existent.

The band moved to America, with Johnny Regan replacing Tony. Despite generating plenty of interest, London Records intractable stance led to the band falling apart by the beginning of 1999. The members went their seperate ways, pursuing individual projects, while the name Marion went into hibernantion.

Jaime Harding


Recorded almost 30 demos with Wayne Ward between 1999 and 2005 with the intention of releasing material under the name Marion. He suffered some drug related problems, and ran into trouble with the law. He did make an appearance on-stage with Label, performing a couple of Marion tracks ('Sleep' and 'The Only Way') at the end of 2003. He then traveled through eastern Europe, taking a break from music to rediscover his muse. A Wikipedia entry!

Now working with Phil again!

Phil Cunningham


Joined Electronic as touring guitarist for the Twisted Tenderness tour. Worked with Label with Julian and a L.A. based band called Run Run Run as well as Tailgunner with Oasis producer Mark Coyle. Then, after acting as touring guitarist/keyboard player for New Order's Get Ready tour, joined the band permanently as replacement for Gillian Gilbert who left for personal reasons. And his very own Wikipedia entry. Wow!

Now working with Jaime again!

Tony Grantham (updated!)


Formed Chalk after leaving the band, then did some session work. He also played in another Manchester band called Alternative Influence, co-writing 4 songs on their 1st album. He is now in a Manchester based band called Ryna (Myspace page), who write extrodianrily catchy 3 minute guitar pop songs. He also has his own Myspace page. There is also Scott's excellent Beard fan club! And it lives here!

Nick Gilbert (updated!)


After leaving Marion, he played double and electic bass for Manchester musican Katie Ware. However, in 2005 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had to give up music. He currently works as graphic designer for The Supercover Group.

More details on MS can be found via the MS Society website.

Murad Mousa


Unfortunately also suffered drug related problems, but in 2004 got himself clean, and now helps others with similar problems. Working with his Dad in Manchester, managing properties for him, both locally and in Lanzarote and Egypt.

Julian Phillips


Joined Electrafixion, worked with Label with Phil. Now working in Brighton, and in a couple of other bands, including Vinny Peculiar (official site, myspace site) with Mike Joyce and Craig Gannon, ex-Smiths. Also, Julian has a nice new myspace site.

Johnny Regan


Guitarist who replaced Beard, not sure where he ended up.

Damian Lawrence (updated!)


Original bass player, who played on the 'Joe Moss' demo.

Wayne Ward

Various Instruments

Worked on demos with Jaime, aiming to continue working under the name Marion. An e.p. entitled 'Sisters' was rumoured, but never ultimately appeared. He recorded around 27 tracks with Jaime, with input from both Johnny Marr and Joe Moss.