This section houses details about the promo videos Marion shot, along with television appearances. Again, any more details you can add will be massively appreciated, you know where to find me.

The promo videos along with a selection of other clips can be viewed at The Marion Archives YouTube account. Credit to Scott, Sheria, Mark and Lee for their massive assistance in putting this together!

Promo Videos

Violent Men (1994)
[directed by ?] [running time: ?]
Filmed in the rehearsal space at the Night & Day cafe on Oldham Street, Manchester, very low budget, just a straight performance to the camera. And they look soooo young.
Watch the video on YouTube

Sleep (1995)
[directed by ?] [running time: ?]
Shot in a hotel room, features band performances as well as individual scenes of each band member, at times as if shot via CCTV, with several of them looking a little uncomfortable at being the focus of the cameras attention.
Screen Grabs
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Toys For Boys (1995)
[directed by ?] [running time: ?]
It's a live performance in a (perhaps made up) club called the "Links Club", filmed at the Hanova Grand, London. Spangley shirts and weird camera angles/movements are the order of the day!

Let's All Go Together (1995)
[directed by Tom Merilion] [running time: 3m 4s]
Perhaps not the bands favourite video experience. A technical fuck up lead to a re-shoot, meaning Jaime having to twice lie on a cold beach with a hawk flying over his face. Not a great deal of fun, and lead to Jaime becoming unwell and having to cancel gigs as a result. Bugger.

The scenes inside what appears to be a warehouse were shot at Earls Court on 12th September 1995 with around 50 extras. The outside beach shots featuring the hawk were filmed at Orford Ness, Suffolk on 14th September 1995.
(cheers to Mark for this additional info)
Screen Grabs
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Time (1996)
[directed by Tom Merilion] [running time: 3m 53s]
An entertaining collection of freaks and weirdos. Ok, that's a bit harsh describing the band like that, but there are some colourful characters present in this video alongside Marion.
Screen Grabs
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Miyako Hideaway (1998)
[directed by Tom Merilion] [running time: 3m 51s]
Multiple personalities ahoy! Perhaps the glossiest of the promos, featuring extras dressed as band members (except for Murad, who's all on his lonesome). Plenty of slow motion though. Debuted on the ITV Chart Show, also got plenty of air play in the US.
Screen Grabs
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Watch the video on Myspace (thanks to Alf!).

Television Appearances

With (Granada TV, 1994 [broadcast ?])
Recording of their appearance at Club Spangle, Dublin Castle, London, October 1994.

The Word (Channel 4, 1995 [broadcast 10.02.95])
Performed 'Sleep'.

The Beat Specials (Channel 4, 1995 [broadcast 19 & 20.04.05])
Gig specially filmed for this TV show, at LA2, London (28/03/95) features a full, 30 minute set.
Set list: fallen through/toys for boys/time/the only way/today and tonight/sleep/the late gate show
Watch the clips from the performance on YouTube

Glastonbury '95 (Channel 4, 1995 [broadcast 25.06.95])
Part of Channel 4's coverage, Marion turned up, mid afternoon on Saturday playing 'The Only Way', 'Chance' and 'Time', decked out in splendid paisley pattern shirts (bought from a Korean taxi driver apparently).

Britpop Now (BBC, 1995 [first broadcast BBC2,16.08.95, second broadcast BBC4, 18.07.05])
Part of a showcase of Britpop bands, presented by Damon Albarn and featuring Sleeper, Echobelly, Gene, Menswe@r, Elastica, Pulp and Blur among others. Marion performed a superb version of 'I Stopped Dancing'. More details on the program here.
Screen Grabs

Reading '95 (ITV, 1995 [broadcast ?])
Highlights of their Reading '95 appearance.

Granada TV (Granada TV, 1995 [broadcast ?])
Performed 'Sleep', and participated in an 'indie band member waist measuring contest', Nick contributing a fine 28 inch entry (ok, that sounds kinda naughty, I'll re-word it later).

Phoenix '95 (1995 [broadcast ?])
Highlights of their Phoenix '95 appearance, featuring 'The Late Gate Show' and 'Time'.

Granada TV (Granada TV, 1996 [broadcast ?])
Features performance from Paris, Erotika, as well as the band reviewing some singles.

Segnali di Fumo (Italian TV, 1996 [broadcast 13.03.96, 2.30pm])
Performed 'Sleep'.

LA, The Troubadour (Webcast, 1998 [broadcast ?])
Webcast of LA show, more details in the gigography.