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-20th October 2006-

New Ryna demo up to listen to, 'Bitten' - acoustic. In fact, not just to listen to, to download. Onwards!

-13th October 2006-

Ryna are headling the 'In The City' gig!

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Full upcoming tour dates:

October 2006
30th - 'In The City', Manchester, Night and Day Cafe (Afternoon)
30th - 'In The City', Manchester, Walkabout (Evening, 8pm)

November 2006
3rd - London, Camden Enterprise (8pm)
4th - Lancaster, Pendle Bar (8pm)

December 2006
12th - XMAS BASH!!!!!, Manchester, Night & Day Cafe (8pm)

-9th October 2006-

Alf has declared National Ryna Day for 30th October 2006!

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This is followed by an invasion of London town:

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-8th October 2006-

Additional sites for tickets sales:

See Tickets.

-6th October 2006-

Tickets for London and Manchester gigs now on sale!

Manchester from Ticketline.
London from Ticketweb.