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-30th January 2006-

A re-union of sorts!!!!

A gig in Bath on 1st April has been rumoured, this information coming from Carl, a friend of Jaime and Phil's who have been working on new material of late. Now, with New Order's recent touring/promo duties done, it seems they plan to debut this new material, along with some Marion classics, at a gig in Bath (where Phil is based).

They plan to start recording 5th February, aiming to be finished come March. The yet as unnamed band will initially consist of Jaime and Phil, with either Jack Mitchell from Haven or Carl himself on drums. They're has been no mention of a bass player as yet, though there have been rumours of Jaime and Julian Phillips having gigged together last year, so that is a possibility.

The new tracks demo'd so far include:

'Never Goin' Down'

There's been plenty of discussion on this site's forum, so sign-up and join in!

More news whenever it transpires.