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-23rd February 2006-

It's Ryna time again!!

New track called 'Plastic Hands' up on their site, so go listen! As usual, it is stunning, pretty and ridiculously catchy....

-20th February 2006-

Another wee treat:

The guys rehearsing, showing Jack Mitchell on drums, and Jake Evans on bass. Jake may or may not be the bass player, though he's definitely part of the line up. Check out his band Rambo and Leroy.

'Hurricane' and 'My Lord' are apparently sounding particularily stunning.

Cheers to Carl once again, a true gentleman!

-19th February 2006-

Some more details about the gig on the 1st April. It'll be 5 to get in, the band is due on at 10pm, and to confirm, they will be using the name Marion.

Additionally, support looks like it's gonna come from Joff Whitten. So get there early.

On the Ryna side of things, two others bands, Omerta and Ellwood will also be playing with them at the Night & Day (8th March), with Ryna due on at around 8.30pm.

-16th February 2006-

From the man himself, a slim setlist to look forward to:

Never Going Down
The Program (Jaime, solo)
Sparkle (full band)

Of course, by no means definite, but a good start....

-15th February 2006-

A few more details regarding the gig:

The band should be on around 10ish, and there's another band called Snatch (ska and funk) going to be playing.

Also, Mr Alf Cowan asked me to pop this up here, so, take note and enjoy! And really, you should go and check them out, superb, catchy tunes, and with utterly gourgeous vocals.

Or click here for official Ryna myspace and songs

-12th February 2006-

Interviews with Jaime and Phil posted, see the articles section for the transcriptions.

-9th February 2006-

A venue for the gig/party on April 1st has been announced: Green Park Tavern in Bath. The band is pretty much together and plan to start rehearsals next week, with a view to playing a mixture of new material (perhaps 5 songs) along side some Marion classics.

An interview with Jaime and Phil was conducted last night for this site, and the transcription will be posted here in the next couple of days.

-1st February 2006-

The reunion seems to be confirmed..... but it's not necessarily a reunion, this is considered to be a completely new project, featuring Jaime and Phil, though they intend to include Marion songs in their set list.

And speaking of new projects, Beard's current band Ryna, have a new track up on their myspace page (the excellent 'Ghosts'), and are playing a gig at Manchester's Night & Day Cafe, on the 8th March.