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-22nd August 2006-

Manchester Night & Day gig is sold out!

However, spare tickets (for both gigs) are still popping up here and there, so keep and eye on ebay if you're desperate!

-13th August 2006-

The Alpha Western have pulled out from the Night & Day gig, so will be replaced by The Shores. Also on the bill will be an acoustic set from Coyley.

-12th August 2006-

RYNA are playing a gig at the Night & Day Cafe on Monday in support of Howling Bells.

Additionally, though the London gig's sold out (tickets have made it onto Ebay - eek!), and the Manchester gig is down to the last few tickets, you can potentially influence the set list. Get on the forum now for details!

-10th August 2006-

New interviews with Jaime, Phil and Jack! They discuss the Bath gig, the upcoming shows in Manchester and London, new songs and future plans, including a proposed tour in December, and some possible solo acoustic shows by Jaime!

There are still a few tickets for Night & Day left from the venue!

Additionally, on the RYNA front, there is a gig, this Saturday, 12th August, at Yorkshire House, Lancaster.

And here's a review of their last gig to get you in the mood.