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-24th April 2006-

Rather excitingly, Marion are to feature in next month's Q Magazine!

The very talented Dan Stubbs has interviewed the band as part of the regular Where Are They Now? feature.

Additionally, Julian Phillips is currently playing with Vinny Peculiar (official site, myspace site), who have some tour dates coming up. Go check the sites for details!

-18th April 2006-

Well, it appears next weeks RYNA gig at Joshua Brooks has been cancelled due to a falling out between the promoters and the venue.... boooo!

But, fear not, they're planning to reschedule somewhere else real soon.... yayyyyayay!

-16th April 2006-

So, it's only taken 2 weeks (sorry....) but finally, some stuff on the Bath gig! In fact, a whole site covering the event, living right here!