Some links to other Marion sites, all of which are worth visiting and exploring and adoring.


- For up to date news on the current Marion line-up!

The Other Archives

The Marion Audio Archives
- Recordings of live performances by Marion, along with a few unreleased demos, and new rehearsal demo recordings of 'Crystal Blue' (acoustic), 'Oh Lord' and 'I Won't Pretend'.
The Marion Audio Archives - Demo Recordings
- Unreleased demos.
Green Park Tavern, Bath, 1st April 2006
- Mini-site detailing the bands comeback gig, featuring reviews, comments and (a lot of) pictures.


- Brand new site from Darren Woodhall, the man who used to run Chance!

- the official Marion fanlisting, sign up now!
- genuinely wonderful wee website, good source of articles and piccies.
Miyako Hideaway
- an Italian fan site. In Italian.
- old, rather wonderful site, that is sadly no longer maintained (comprises news, press articles, biography, discography and lyrics).
Let's All Go Together
- as with Chance, old, no longer maintained site (comprises lyrics, chronology, gigography, and discography).


Myspace - marionuk
- Myspace account! Run by Lesh, Scott and Carl!
Myspace - Marion Group
- A new Myspace group set up by Chris!
Myspace - MarionFans
- A Myspace group!
Myspace - Beard
- Beard's Myspace page.
Myspace - Beard Fans
- for people who are fans of Mr Grantham.
Myspace - Julian
- Julian's Myspace page.

Other Messageboards/Communities

Yahoo! Group
- most reliable source of news on marion related stuff.
Live Journal - marionuk
- a journal thing dedicated to Marion. Also run by Lesh!
Roofdog message board
- erm..., a message board. At the Roofdog site.


The Marion Archives on YouTube
- promos and live vids here!
All Stations To Macclesfield
- before they were famous! a page about bands Phil and Jaime were in prior to Marion.
Marion on
- Would you believe 'Sleep' is the most listened to song? Well, would you?
End Of A Century
- page about Marion, with pictures, video, biography, discography and reviews.
Wikipedia article
- a Wikipedia article.
- Marion on MOG Music.
Google Music
- equally brief Google Music page.
Drowned In Sound
- another brief page.
BBC 6Music biog
- decent, allows you to listen to samples from both albums.
Anja Lubitz
- has 4 lovely B&W pictures of Jaime (scroll about half way along the menu).

There are some other worthwhile links contained at the sites listed above, so, go have a nosey.