The aim here is to give a home to some unreleased recordings that the band made, basically comprising live stuff, session recordings, acoustic sessions and the demos Jaime recorded with Wayne Ward in 2000. Due to webspace restrictions, I'll only upload a handful of tracks each month, but I'll keep a list of previous postings below, to allow requests to be made. I don't, however, plan to upload anything the band actually released, so I won't be sticking any b-sides or album tracks up, so please don't request them.

Most of the material was donated by Lee. A list of all he has available is here, so feel free to contact him for trading. Also, all files presented here are 192 kbps mp3's so, though there are of decent quality, they are compressed, and all feature the small sections of silence that are included at either end of the file. For better quality versions, Lee's your man.

Other Sources Of Marion Audio:

Check out The Marion Audio Archives for some unreleased demos for download and some clips from official releases that can be listened to.

The Marion Audio Archives - Demo Recordings has even more demos.

Tracks from 'This World And Body' and 'The Program' can be heard on the BBC's 6music site.

And a 1995 session from Mark Radcliffe's Radio 1 show can be heard on Myspace, thanks to Shelly!

Marion Online also has an assortment of audio for you to enjoy!

This Month

Melkweg, Amsterdam, 9th March 1996

2 requested re-posts.

Part 1 (34 Mb)
01. I Stopped Dancing
02. The Only Way
03. Wait
04. Time
05. Vanessa
06. Sparkle

Part 2 (30 Mb)
07. Your Body Lies
08. The Colector
09. Let's All Go Together
10. Toys For Boys
11. Sleep
12. Fallen Through

Mark and Lard Session, 1995

Part 1 (12 Mb)
01. All For Love
02. Fallen Through
03. Sparkle
04. Time


Club Quattro, Osaka, 4th April 1996 (fallen through/the only way/wait/time/vanessa/the collector/sparkle/i stopped dancing/father's day/let's all go together/toys for boys/sleep/your body lies/all for love/the late gate show)

St Malo Festival, 19th August 1995 (fallen through/toys for boys/the only way/time/i stopped dancing/chance/wait/down the middle with you/all for love/sleep/the late gate show)

Reading Festival, 24th August 1996 (the smile/sleep/the collector/time/the program/vanessa/sparkle/fallen through/the powder room plan/toys for boys/let's all go together)

The Venue, London, 22nd December 1995 (fallen through/the only way/i stopped dancing/time/vanessa/sleep/all for love/the late gate show)

The Garage, London, 14th September 1994 (fallen through/the only way/father's day/vanessa/i stopped dancing/today and tonight/violent men (aborted)/toys for boys/violent men/sleep/the late gate show)

Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, 23rd August 1996 (the smile/sleep/the collector/time/the program/vanessa/sparkle/toys for boys/the powder room plan/let's all go together/fallen through)

The Monarch, London, 11th February 1998 (the smile/is that so?/time/miyako hideaway/sleep/only one for you/sparkle/toys for boys/comeback)

Roadhouse, Manchester, 10th August 1994 (fallen through/i stopped dancing/the only way/vanessa/father's day/toys for boys/today and tonight/sleep/the late gate show/violent men)

Club Quattro, Tokyo, 23rd June 1998 (the smile/sleep/our place/is that so?/time/wait/sparkle/the present/the powder room plan/all of these days/falllen through/miyako hideaway/toys for boys)

Unreleased Harding/Ward demos from 2000 (can't help you/loaded all this to say/anyway)

HMV Osaka, acoustic set, 3rd September 1996 (interview/time/wait)

Melkweg, Amsterdam, 9th March 1996 (i stopped dancing/the only way/wait/time/vanessa/sparkle/your body lies/the collector/lets all go together/toys for boys/sleep/fallen through)

Phoenix Festival, 21st July 1996 (time/toys for boys/fallen through/sleep/your body lies)